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Legacy Enhancements System


At this time, you may continue to submit enhancement requests through the IUG website.

There is no current deadline for submission as the enhancements process is undergoing transition to a new system.

The Process

Step 1: Search existing enhancement requests before submitting a new request

Remember to search existing requests before submitting a new request. It is possible that someone has already written a request for the enhancement you want.

If someone has already submitted the request you were thinking of, you can indicate your site's support for that request with a thumbs-up "Like" vote.  (Alternatively, if you see a request that you really do not want to see happen, you can enter a "Dislike" vote.)   You can also add a note along with your "Like" or "Dislike" to explain your input.  These "Likes" and "Dislikes" will be used to gauge interest in that request when Functional Experts evaluate requests to determine which go onto the ballot. This is much easier than putting in a new request, and it counts for just as much, so we highly recommend it!

Each IUG member site is allowed only one like/dislike vote per request, so if you have more than one person at your institution who works with enhancement requests, be sure to coordinate how you are voting. Also, you cannot add a like/dislike vote to a request submitted by your site.
Search Existing Enhancements Requests and Give Them a Like or Dislike

Step 2: Submit a new enhancement request

Prior to submitting a request, you should consult the documentation on CSDirect to confirm that your request is not already possible.  If you determine that it is not already possible, you should then search the enhancements database and see if someone else has already submitted a request for what you want. If you don't find a similar request, you can submit a new request.  
Submit a New Enhancement Request

A Note About Millennium And Sierra

You won't find separate categories for Sierra requests. For the time being Innovative is treating all of the IUG enhancement requests as requests for both Millennium and Sierra.  When the IUG ballot results are sent to Innovative any enhancement that they implement in Millennium will be in both Millennium and Sierra. Enhancements that cannot be made in Millennium due to software limitations will be implemented in Sierra.