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Enhancements Overview

Idea Lab Upgrade November 30

This Friday the Idea Lab website will be unavailable so that we may perform a system upgrade to the site.  This upgrade will bring with it a number of changes to both the functionality and design of the site.  Here are just a few highlights, with more information to come after the upgrade:  

Improved guidance on what to do in each stage of a challenge and with an idea once it has been submitted.  
List of most liked ideas will be replaced with a list of random ideas to more equally surface all submissions to the site
New user profile pages
Improved mechanisms for consolidating similar ideas  

We will send out an update once the work is complete.

The IUG plays a vital role in the decision making process to provide enhancements to the Millennium, Sierra, Polaris, and Virtua systems. Through this cooperative process, IUG members make suggestions, vote for system enhancements, and are afforded a unified voice for improving the system functionality. Participation in the enhancements process is one of the greatest benefits of IUG membership; it serves as an opportunity to address any of those issues, big or small, that you would like to see improved.

Due to changes in Innovative’s product development life cycle, the addition of Polaris and Virtua users, and the growth of the existing enhancements database, IUG in partnership with III recognized the need to analyze and improve the enhancements process. Idea Lab, launched in 2017, is the result of that collaboration.

Idea Lab is an innovation environment, hosted by Innovative, designed for users to submit, discuss, and vote on ideas to improve solutions for libraries. It is based on Spigit ideation software.

Customers using any Innovative product portfolio – Sierra/Millennium, Polaris, Virtua, Vital, or Innovative Resource Sharing – are all welcome to participate in Idea Lab. The new process allows the IUG community to provide input regarding priorities for new areas of development as well as enhancements to existing Innovative products. It also enables Innovative to take more timely action on user-contributed ideas. Read more about Idea Lab.

Anyone at any Innovative library may participate in Idea Lab. IUG Idea Lab Team members (formerly “Functional Experts”) provide leadership for Idea Lab as moderators and expert reviewers. Interested in joining the Idea Lab Team? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Prior to Idea Lab, IUG and PUG libraries had separate enhancements processes: