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WAM 504 Gateway Timeout and ECCO find.galegroup.com

While searching in ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online), browsing, and clicking to view records or while viewing a pdf of a chapter and clicking forward through pages we are intermittently seeing this error: "504 Gateway Timeout, The pr...
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Self Check Replacement

Hi there, We are a Sierra library looking to replace some of our aging Bibliotheca self check machines. Currently, we use a in-house and imperfect solution for unlocking DVD kwik cases in conjunction with these machines. Does anyone out there:...
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BROWSE wwwoption in webpac

Is anyone using the BROWSE_r or BROWSE_p options to customize the display of Course Reserves in the webpac? If so, can you send me your catalog URL? Thanks, Leigh Leigh Duncan Head of Library Technology Services Wright State University Lib...
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Morningstar videos and WAM

We are a Millennium library using WAM. It has been reported to me that video content on Morningstar Investment Research Center only plays on iOS devices, but nowhere else. I am able to test the link unproxied inhouse and all video content plays norma...
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Z39.50 access problems

Hi everyone, We recently updated to Millennium 2014 sp3 and to a new remote server. I have just heard from one of my colleagues who access our records through Z39.50. She is unable to access us and gets the notice: Search Failed, connection coul...
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Job Opening: Member Services Librarian, Technical Services

Member Services Librarian, Technical Services CCS Consortium, Arlington Heights, IL Are you a collaborative, detail-oriented individual with a strong background in cataloging and technical services? Bring your experience and expertise to CCS as p...
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Stack Clash Linux Vulnerability

Hi, I'm wondering if other systems people out there are aware or concerned about the recently discovered Stack Clash Vulnerability found to affect most current Linux systems? We are a software site so I'm looking into testing for vulnerability and...
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Are there any other Primo users in this forum?

Hello, At Durham University we have Millennium as our integrated library system and Primo (from ExLibris) as our discovery tool. We would like to know if there are any other Innovative customers (either Millennium or Sierra) who have also purchase...
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Multiple Label Printing/Zebra - 2nd attempt for help

I sent this question a couple weeks ago with no responses. Hoping I may have better luck this time. We are using print templates for item spine labels and the Admin Corner label defs for checkin records. We have been doing this on the Zebra prin...
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WAM and embedding Alexander Street Press videos in Canvas

The wam_sslhost_replace option for URLs starting with https is working well for us except when using Alexander Street video embed codes with our LMS Canvas. Because Canvas is a secure site, the video embed code must reference https:// and Alexander S...
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Ecommerce for Millennium

I see a new SP for Millennium on Supportal - but it doesn't mention Ecommerce. Has anyone heard anything new on this? We are less than 10 days out - is this some kind of cruel joke? hemphill@email.arizona.edu...
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Call for Presentations: OH-IUG Annual Conference

The OH-IUG conference planning committee invites the submission of presentation proposals for the OH-IUG Annual Conference, to be held on September 22, 2017 at the State Library in Columbus. Guidelines for Presentations 1) Sessions will be approx...
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"Preserve Sort" field is greyed out

Hi folks, Someone reported that when they attempt to preserve a sort of items attached to a bib, they find the "Preserve Sort" option (under Edit) greyed out. This is from our Law Library, which is scoped and use different logons from the ...
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INN-Reach Viability

I'm looking for some advice on the practicality of INN-Reach for small to medium sized Sierra public libraries. I'd like to know if it's been effective at meeting ILL needs in such institutions? How much staff time was required to implement? How does...
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Deleting Order Records-Sierra

Some background: We migrated from Millennium to Sierra exactly two weeks ago. While running on Millennium, we used the "delete records" feature of Anzio to regularly delete hanging bibs AND their attached order records (with paid lines and ...
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Telephone Notification Systems

Hi all, We're looking to replace our aging Teleforms TNS and TRS. Any advice you can provide on the following questions would be extremely helpful. 1. Are you using Talkingtech's itiva Message and i-tiva Connect with Sierra? If so: a...
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Sierra Rest API - what fields can you write to currently for Patron Records

Hi everyone! Can someone tell me what patron fields are available to 'write to' and/or 'update' in the Sierra Rest API? I can't seem to find documentation on this anywhere! Thanks! eeva.stierwalt@lpl.london.on.ca...
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Status(o) "a" vs "d"

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between order statuses "a" (fully paid, disencumbered monograph) and "d" (fully paid, disencumbered serial). The IGR says, "Encumbering and disencumbering can take place only if ...
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Idea Lab

Hi, An FAQ about the new Idea Lab system for enhancements has been posted on the IUG website: http://www.innovativeusers.org/system-enhancements/idea-lab-faq.html There's been a lot of excitement and enthusiasm around the introduction of thi...
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Bib-level hold via load table?

Is it possible to create a bib-level hold with a load table? Staff reported that the Import Invoices load table is failing to create a bib-level hold based on a note in the order record. My first reaction is that it is not possible to create a ...

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