IUG 1998 Proceedings


Index of Names

Innovative Users Group Steering Committee, 1997/1998

Index (arranged alphabetically by session title)

Adapting the III Acquisitions Module for a Multi-Branch Public Library System

Authority Control: What You Need To Know To Do It Yourself

Automatic Requests – One Consortium’s Trial

Beyond Course Reserves

Blackwell’s Collection Manager and the INNOPAC MARC Loader: Tools for Designing Efficient Acquisitions Workflows

Bursar’s Interface

Cataloger’s Workstation: The User

Circulation Parameters Made Accessible and Easy to Read Via the Web

Circulation Tasks That Have Been Simplified by Using Outside Programming

A Consumer’s Guide to Innovative’s Products

Core Competencies for Public and Technical Services Staff When Implementing and Using INNOPAC

Course Reserves for Beginners

Creating a Multitype Library Online Catalog Consortium

Creating Customizable Local WebPAC Pages

Customer Service Issues

Disaster Planning and Your INNOPAC: Theory and Reality

Electronic Reserves

Federal Documents Processing and Check-in at a Regional Depository

File Transfer Software

"Git" It for Me on Interlibrary Loan

GobiSelect: Using GOBI to Create Selection Records in INNOPAC

Holds Function Forum

How Much Chocolate Does Database Conversion Require?

III Service Issues



Integrating Acquisitions and Cataloging Workflows

JavaScript Enhancements to WebPAC: Dynamic Pathfinders and ILL Form Validation

Keeping Track with INNOPAC 

Local Databases

Lost in Claims – Using the Serials Claiming Module on INNOPAC

Maintaining Your INNOPAC: Keeping a Tidy System

Managing Acquisitions During and After a System Crash

Managing Deselection Projects with INNOPAC

Managing Recon Projects with III

Materials Booking

Nifty Notions, or Wild and Wooly Enhancement Ideas

Now They Tell Me: Reindexing the INNOPAC

PromptCat: Not Just for Approvals Any More

Public Library Forum

Remote Patron Authentication Forum

Reviewing Logins and Authorizations with a Pretty Neat Web Auditing Tool

RLIN Users Forum

Serials Vendor Transitions, or, How Do We Get There From Here?

Setting Up INNOPAC for a Public Library Consortium: What We Like and What We Wish We Had Done Differently

Strategies for "Selling" System Expansion

Strategies for Printing Customized Reports

Technobabble Translated, or "What Did That Computer Tech Say?"

Testing, Implementing, and Modifying the Specifications for the OPAC 

Tips on Profiling III for a Consortium

Tools and Strategies for Circulation Profiling 


Unlocking INNOPAC Secrets for Patrons

Usability and Communication in Catalog Design

Using the CD-ROM Manual 

Web Access Management

What’s My Line? The Evolving Role of the INNOPAC System Coordinator

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