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We are trying to screen scrape our OPAC so we can display the results differently. There are some variables that come up which I believe we've determined, but one we haven't and we're not sure if there are not more that are similar which we would want to go ahead and define.

When you view the page source on a single title in the WebOPAC you see some of these HTML remarks that precede the item information. Here are the field names and what they represent:

<!-- field 1 --> = Location
<!-- field C --> = Call number
<!-- field % --> = Status
<!-- field v --> = Volume information

<!-- field # --> = No value in our catalog for this
<!-- field y --> = No value in our catalog for this
<!-- field ! --> = No value in our catalog for this

Are there any others? I could not find this discussed in the manual or on the list. Please contact me directly if you have any knowledge about these. Thanks.

-- Michael

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