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What specific activity do WAM statistics measure?

For example, if I run WAM statistics for a specific range of time and it's saying for a database,

Students: 160,907
Faculty: 27,706
Staff: 2,624

Is this counting the number of times a single user in a particular class has logged in through patron authentication to use a database, or does it include searches launched while logged in, or does it count something else like items loaded?

When we ran our statistics generated from the same vendor for the same database for the same time period, we receive a variance: Total Sessions: 17,534 ; Total Searches: 115,753.

This is the first time since we've been using WAM that I pulled the stats. The numbers seem extraordinarily high for patron authenticated access when we have a majority of our population living on campus using onsite access. Yet, the numbers for all the databases are rational in regard to what you would expect being used and not used, e.g., Encyclopedia Britannica used only by students 6,000 times, but 0 for faculty. I'm surprised by the high number using this resource off-campus, but not surprised that faculty have not used it.


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