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Jamen --

My initial thought is that this would need to come through as an enhancement request. My hope would be that this could be setup to run as an optional feature.

In the meanwhile, the best way to do this is to disable the autonotices feature for the notices that you do not want to send out when the library is closed. There are two ways to do this. If you are going to be close for a prolonged period of time (say Winter Break), go into each notice type and deselect the checkbox for "Enable" under Auto Notice Settings. When you are back from break, then go in and make sure that they are enabled. The other way is to only select days that you are open under the Auto Notices Schedule (button under Auto Notice Settings). If you know that you are going to be closed every Saturday and Sunday over a period of time, you can deselect those two days from the schedule setup box. If you are going to want this turned off for an odd variety of days, you might just leave the schedule selected and just disable the autonotices.

Either way, it will be important to turn them back on when you return from vacation. For more information, see the manual at page # 105213.

Hope this helps --

Best -- Corey

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I've not done a lot of research on this, just skimming through the manual,
but I had a question about Auto Notices. Our Auto Notices are scheduled to
run every morning at 6:00 am. Is there a way that we can prevent these from
being sent out during days that we are closed? For instance, this entire
week between the holidays, we are closed and the campus and shut down.
However, our Auto Notices are still being sent out. I know we can manually
change these so that they're not sent out, but is there a way to have them
look at the calendar and if closed, not send them out??

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