Card Reader and Innopac for Turnstille door.

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We are planning to install a turnstile door for our library here at Golden Gate University Law Library. There will be a card reader used on the door to verify the patrons and grant them access to the library. I like to know if there are any solutions out there for a card reader system that works with Innopac. I am guessing the patron data which is read from the card reader can be sent to Innopac. Once it is verified by Innopac that the patron is valid, then the ok is sent thru an RS-232 or another device that can beam a signal to the reader for the door to be opened.

Is anyone using such a security system and can share about it?

Thank you.
Hadi Amjadi

Hadi Amjadi
Innopac Systems Librarian
Golden Gate University Law Library
536 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (415) 442-6686
hamjadi at ggu dot edu

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