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Hi Mark, Bonna,

I was trying to see if this was solved now that we upgraded to the 2005 interim fix (Mil 2005 LE) ... and frankly, I'm a bit irritated at the result. We obviously once had created subject authority records for the titles Nozze di Figaro and Huckleberry Finn (etc., etc.) in order to lead folks around in the catalog. Thanks to our friends at III, these no longer exist !!! They do not appear in either Millennium or in text based. AND, I can't even create them in Millennium or in text-based any longer!

This is pretty serious stuff, and I have yet to hear from anyone (in-house or III) as to whether this is a known problem (a.k.a. "improvement") with the silver -- Millennium combo (last message from me was 11/8) to that list. I'm copying the folks at OhioLINK DMS, many of whom are setting up to do an RFP for authority control ... this would seem to complicate a lot of things for those folks ...

So, who starts the letter to III that starts, "Dear To Whom it May Concern, Please allow us to make the catalog functional again .... " ???



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Hi All,

... and it's not just Millennium ... we are on silver but not millennium ... it unfortunately works the same way with title as subject so that, for example, folks looking for "huckleberry finn" or works about "huckleberry finn" are not being lead to "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" ...

Is this a known problem with Silver ??



At 02:24 PM 11/8/2004, you wrote:
We are having the same problem reported to this list today by Jeffrey
Beall (thanks for pointing it out, Jeffrey!). It is particularly irksome
with prolific writers such as Isabel Allende or Federico Garcia Lorca.
There is a Known Issue in CSDirect about the missing authority record
problem, except that it had the additional "bonus" that other authors and
their headers (not within the search parameters) were displaying instead.
The problem cited there will be resolved in Millenium Release 2005 Limited
edition, so hopefully all will be okay thereafter (an added incentive to

Pat Matzke
INNOPAC Coordinator
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