finding call # errors via create lists regular expression

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I was looking for errors in call numbers (we keep ours in the item records) by browsing in Millennium by call number. I noticed we had a number of records with one of two common problems. The first was a space at the beginning of the call number. The other was that 0 <space> <space> was actually showing up as the first character of the call number. Somehow we'd gotten two extra spaces in the indicator values so the indicator values were shoved into the call number proper area.

Both were easy to spot in the browse method I was using but I wondered if I couldn't find them more efficiently with a regular expression search. I did find a method that worked and wanted to share it in case any of the rest of you want to do an end of term clean-up project too. (i.e. it takes little brain power to go in and delete that leading space when you are full of eggnog and cookies from an office celebration!)

ITEM CALL NO. matches "^0[59]0[ 01][ 04]|a[^a-z]" is the expression that worked to find the 050 or 090's I was looking for. Basically it is looking for any 050 or 090 where the subfield a starts with something other than a letter. We actually had over 700 so I guess I should add it to a yearly search for database cleanup.


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