Re: CSS with Tokens?

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Have you tried enclosing each token in its own div or span on
patronview_web.html? For example:

<div class="holdsButton">
<br />

As long as the token remains on its own line, you should be able to
format it using the div class.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Welch
Library Systems Technician
Aurora Public Library

>>> jsomerfield at lancasterlibraries dot org 12/21/2004 1:31:04 PM >>>

How, if possible, can one apply a CSS to a token? The tokens in
are: <!--{holdsbtn}-->, <!--{finesbtn}-->, & <!--{chkoutsbtn}-->.

We have inactivated the wwwoptions but_pat_holds/fines/... . That is to
we do not wish to use the buttons, only the text, " 4 Items currently
checked out", etc. Is there some way to format these statements?


Jeff Somerfield, Webmaster / Systems Specialist
Library System of Lancaster County
1866 Colonial Village Lane, Suite 107
Lancaster, PA 17601
717.207.0500 x1272 FAX 717.207.0504

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