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This is a topic of current interest here, unfortunately. We have 6
campuses and a central office campus, somewhere around 20K FTE students.
Our server is in the IT computer room in one building at central,
library tech services is in the next building at central. Since I've
been here I've made a point of developing a good relationship with IT.
That's critical no matter what.

We just upgraded to a new server which now lives on one of the multitude
of racks, mixed in with other campus systems. So now IT doesn't want us
to go near it. Up to now, it had been sitting on it's own unit in that
same room and we managed it. We're trying to work things out and keep
it friendly. If we can no longer enter the room, then my expectation is
that they will do all things that require entering the room, including
backups. I do not want to play tape phone tag, "Is it in? Are you sure
it's in? Is it the right one?" Been there, done that, don't want to
play that game again. Today is day 2, so far so good, they are backing
it up. But I need a greater comfort level that we won't go directly to
the back of the line if there's a large problem, like a few weeks ago
when Tucson power decided to shut this part of town off, unannounced.
I'm trying to decide if I want to move the server over here into our
offices and do it all ourselves.

Of course we will always depend on IT for the networking pieces of this.

One not so obvious aspect to this is that my daily trips to the computer
room allowed me to see and be seen, not a small part of building that
relationship with those folks. That will take more effort to keep up

I plan to do upgrades and all the software pieces that don't require
direct access to the machine.

Hope this helps, good luck with your situation.

John Goodyear
Library Database Manager
Pima Community College
Tucson, AZ
john dot goodyear at pima dot edu

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Our Library Sys Admin might also respond to this. We are a six campus
college with about 27,000 students. Our ILS server is not on any
campus, but at a Service Center for the College which houses most of the
College's servers and the College IT department. "Production" -- assume
you mean acquisitons and cataloging -- is located about 25 miles from
the Service Center on one of the campuses.

IT maintains the equipment, does the daily backup, trouble-shoots
network issues,etc. The Library Sys Admin does any new upgrades by
going over to the Service Center, but, otherwise has no need to go there
for any other reason.

I might mention that Library Services and IT are under the same
divisional umbrella and we do have a good relationship with them.

"Byron C. Mayes" <bcmayes at temple dot edu> said:

> Greetings,
> I've checked the archives and recent discussions about ILS servers
> the Library. Most of those replying seem to be public library systems,

> colleges, and consortia.
> I'm interested in getting an idea of what the breakdown is in large
> systems. I'm primarily interested in two questions:
> 1) Where is your production ILS server located?
> 2) Regardless of the answer to 1), what is the division of labor
> Systems and University IT -- specifically, who does what -- with
regards to
> system administration and maintenance (not including database
> Obviously the key to any arrangement working is a good relationship
> Library and Univ IT (however that's defined at one's institution), so
> really asking pros and cons of either arrangement. I just want to have
> of what others are doing.
> Thanks,
> Byron
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