RE: Create lists - limit by number of chars?

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> Subject: Create lists - limit by number of chars?
> Has anyone found a way to successfully limit a MARC field to
> a specified number of characters when creating lists? I'm
> trying to isolate records that were created under previous
> cataloging procedures in which the call number for fiction
> was limited to the first 3 letters of the author's last name.
> Is there a way to get the greater than/less than condition to
> apply to the character count, rather than character value?
> I've called III, who hesitantly said they didn't think this
> was possible, but I'm hoping some crafty librarian out there
> has found a way.

Well, if the fiction call numbers you're looking for are formulated
something like "FIC SMI" (with nothing else following the author
letters), you might try doing a regular expression match ("r") in the
call number field for something like the following pattern:

FIC [A-Z][A-Z][A-Z]$

This would search for a string of characters that begins with
"FIC<space>" followed by 3 alphabetic characters and nothing more ("$"
signals the end of the line).

I don't have the time and opportunity to experiment just now to verify
that the above match string is exactly correct, but at least it ought to
be close (I've worked with grep and egrep in other contexts, but
Innovative has said that their version is slightly different from the
accepted standards found in books such as "Mastering Regular
Expressions" by Jeffrey Friedl.) You can find more info on Page #
101608 in the Manual (bottom of the page).


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