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Good afternoon! We use this and it works beautifully for us! We have 15 pickup locations so this has really helped us a lot, given the massive number of in-transits we have daily. I'm sure it will work well for you! Kind regards, Eeva

>>> jsomerfield at lancasterlibraries dot org 12/20/04 09:59AM >>>

Has anyone experienced any problems utilizing the Page Pickup Location First
feature? We will soon be implementing online holds & will be using this
feature at that time. We currently use the Library Priority table &
Automatic Patron Request Processing. According to the Documentation, the
process is pretty straight forward. I would like any second opinions.


Jeff Somerfield, Webmaster / Systems Specialist
Library System of Lancaster County
1866 Colonial Village Lane, Suite 107
Lancaster, PA 17601
717.207.0500 x1272 FAX 717.207.0504

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