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David, thanks for the info about disk-to-disk-to-tape. We will definitely
work on something like that long term.

We are a software+ site (closer to turnkey) and don't have the option of
network backups at the moment. We plan to consult Innovative on a better
backup option and go from there. Again, thanks for the help.

Steve Heser
Library Systems Administrator
Milwaukee County Federated Library System
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steve dot heser at mcfls dot org

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>>> Steve dot Heser at mcfls dot org 12/17/2004 6:49:49 AM >>>
At the moment, we are using a 12/24GB DAT backup drive installed in
We will most likely get a new one, but I am interested to know if
anyone out
there has replaced their backup drive lately, if they had
issues with III software, and if performance improved over the long
Any recommendations? Thanks!

Anyone that is using digital imaging on the Innopac should talk to
Innovative about switching to a better, faster tape mechanism or
disk-to-disk-to-tape backup. You don't mention if you have the option
for network backups via Legato or if you are a turnkey or software-only
site. It makes a difference in the options available to you. Also, if
you use a network backup system other than Legato, now is a good time to
ask Innovative how support for them is coming in R2005.

Trust me, once you've had DLT or Ultrium, you'll never want to go back
to DAT. Especially if you can do the disk-to-disk-tape option.


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