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The short answer is: Create Lists!

First, determine how large your authority file is from the System Status
report. If the number of authority records exceeds your largest Create
Lists files you will have to break things down into segments. In our
case, we have 473,773 authorities, and our largest lists are 120,000
each. Ideally you will have 3 large lists of the same size.

I use one list to divide the segments. The search is for authorities
between .a1000000a and .a1120000a, and ACode1 not equal to 'l' (our
locally-created records, which Marcive doesn't need). Because of
deleted records, I never get as many as the 120,000 would hold, but
since I don't know how many have been deleted I add 120,000 to the
record range for each segment.

I use the second list for subjects: In review file #1, III field tag
'd' (our exact subjects) has 'a' (they all have |a, even though you
don't see it).

I use the third list for names & titles: in review file #1, III field
tag 'a' (authors) has 'a' OR III field tag 't' (titles) has 'a'. (The
numbers in lists 2 & 3 should total the number in list #1.)

FTP lists 2 & 3 to Marcive, using file names that will identify both the
type of file and the sequence number (e.g., xxxnt1, xxxsub3) -- you
should work out the file names with your Marcive rep.

Empty list #1, and start on the next segment of your file (.a1120001a
through .a1240000a in my case), and continue until you've sent all your
authority records.

Millennium's saved searches aren't much help since the searches are so
simple and you cannot save the record ranges with the search
(enhancement request??).

Having 3 large lists available is definitely a time-saver -- before we
added the 120,000 lists I had to send 20 files rather than the 12 I now
send (6 each of names and titles). We don't outsource our ongoing
authority control, but we do use Marcive to send us updated & cancelled
records so we update our authority history file with them once a year.
It all goes quite smoothly, but it helps to have a sheet of paper with
the record ranges and file names laid out in advance, so you can keep
track of where you are!

There may be easier ways to do this, but we've had no trouble, so
haven't explored alternatives. Good luck! --ann

Ann Kebabian
Head of Cataloging
Colgate University
Hamilton, NY 13346
Phone: 315-228-7309
Fax: 315-228-7934
Email: akebabian at mail dot colgate dot edu

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Hello fellow IUG members, we are getting ready to outsource some of our
work to Marcive and they have requested an Authority History file. The
file would be broken down into 2 files a Subject file and a Names file,
I believe. I was wondering how to go about doing this?? I was hoping
other members had been through this and could shine some light on the
subject for me. I think our cataloger was worried that some information
might be left out. For example, if George Bush has written a book but
had also had books written about him that only some of the information
would be collected. I am not entirely clear on this as you might be
able to tell. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!!

Art Gutierrez
Emporia State University
Library Computer Support Tech
gutierra at emporia dot edu
ph: (620) 341-6205

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