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On 12/17/2004, Charles A. Gimon wrote:

Doesn't Syndetics serve up a single-pixel transparent .gif or something if
they don't have a jacket?

Indeed! Good call. I hadn't really noticed that before, but in
retrospect it makes more sense that Syndetics handles the problem
rather than expecting the WebOPAC code to parse the URL and make
the call therein.

Thus, I would assume the problem Ms. Fahrney described earlier is
exactly a case of a book jacket that Amazon does not have. There
is therefore a link to a non-existent cover image in the WebOPAC
page. Ergo the broken image icon (red X).

However, I find it hard to believe nobody has complained to Amazon
about this problem before. It would be a simple fix for them to do
something similar to what Syndetics is doing... redirect the error
to deliver a tiny, transparent GIF image.

I've always been leery of using Amazon or B&N for book jacket images--they
might turn up one day with a big "20% OFF!" sticker on them...

Tee hee. That's OK, they're easy to peel off the screen...


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