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Marcive is asking for files of all your existing authority records. This establishes a baseline so that they will know what authority records they need to supply you with as they authorize your bib records. They would also be able to supply you as needed with updated versions of authorities you already have.

To make the subject file, create a review file of authority records where

(d) SUBJ AUTH not equal to [blank]

Since the names file should also include uniform titles and series titles, use

(a) NAME AUTHR not equal to [blank] OR (t) UT AUTH not equal to [blank]

Upload the 2 files to Marcive. If it later turns out that you have books both by and about George Bush, but you only have an authority record for him in the names file, Marcive can (in addition to making sure the bib heading is correct) include the authority record in a file of new subject authorities.

I hope this helps.

Richard V. Jackson
Catalog Librarian / Database Manager
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino, Calif. 91108
(626) 405-2100 x2384 rjackson at huntington dot org

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Hello fellow IUG members, we are getting ready to outsource some of our
work to Marcive and they have requested an Authority History file. The
file would be broken down into 2 files a Subject file and a Names file,
I believe. I was wondering how to go about doing this?? I was hoping
other members had been through this and could shine some light on the
subject for me. I think our cataloger was worried that some information
might be left out. For example, if George Bush has written a book but
had also had books written about him that only some of the information
would be collected. I am not entirely clear on this as you might be
able to tell. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!!

Art Gutierrez
Emporia State University
Library Computer Support Tech
gutierra at emporia dot edu
ph: (620) 341-6205

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