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We use plastic library cards and we've never printed anything on them - we
have only the patron's signature on the library card.  We have the patron
fill out a registration form and staff inputs most of the information when
the patron signs up for the library card.  We've actually had a "dual"
barcode and the smaller of the two is placed on the registration card
(though we will now be going to "keycards" and will have to print the
barcode # on the registration card).

We give the patron the card when they come up and they may use it that day.
We've never mailed library cards, though I know some libraries do this and
restrict patrons to only a couple of items for the first checkout and then
mail the card.  We've probably had a few occasions when the patron has
checked out a number of items and then never returned them when they first
checkout, but the incidence of this is very small, compared to the positive
p.r. gained from giving the patron their library card right away with no
restrictions on use.  Hope this helps with your decision.


Diane Corradini
Head of Adult Services
Herrick District Library
300 S. River Ave.
Holland, MI  49423
Phone: 616-355-3712

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> I am looking for input from libraries that are using Innovative and are
printing patron names and other information on plastic card stock.
> We are planning to switch from laminated paper library cards to plastic
library cards with pre-printed barcodes.  We currently print patron names
and addresses on the paper cards by exporting the data from Innovative and
then importing it to an Access database for formatting and printing.  As we
make this transition, we are hoping to streamline this process.
> Specifically, I would like to know:
>   a.. What information are libraries printing on patron cards?
>   b.. How does the information get from the Innovative server to the card?
Manual re-entry? Export/import? SIP?
>   c.. What hardware and software are being used to print the cards?
>   d.. Are the cards mailed out or given to patrons at the time of
> Of course, if you have information to share on this topic that doesn't
fall within these points, I welcome that as well.
> Thanks!
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