Patron API and ILLiad

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Hey Listservers...

I hope someone out there can help.  We are in the process of 
setup up our ILLiad server to use the PatronAPI for authentication,
but we keep running into a problem.  Is there a limit to the number 
of InnopacPatronAPIFineBlock fields you can have?  We are a 
school that has 7 different Ptypes that we need to create the 
FineBlocks for.  As soon as we go into the Customization Manager 
and Change the Field Names of the Examples that are in the (or 
add more than then three listed), the customization Wizard gives a 
message of "invalid Index" and there is no information in the data 
fields.  Anyone else experience this, or have a solution?

William Sargent
William Sargent
Library Assistant II/ Access Services
Albert Brenner Glickman Family Library
314 Forest Ave
PO Box 9301
Portland ME 04104-9301 
(207)7780-4270  FAX:(207)780-4469