Millennium Circulation freezes?

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I checked the archives but only saw freezing in regard to Cataloging...
In any case, our Millennium Circulation sometimes freezes up during a transaction. For example, yesterday there was an instance where a staff member renewed a patron's item, and cleared fines off their card, but the screen stopped responding to mouse clicks. I closed out of the program and re-started it, checked the last patron's record and saw that the fines indeed got cleared and the item renewed, so perhaps the screen just couldn't update. Would this be a Java problem? Or perhaps not enough RAM in the computer (or at least, not enough free)? Sometimes we also notice that if you scan a barcode, and the barcode will scan, but then the "return character" doesn't quite kick in and the barcode just sits there without pulling up a record or showing an error; usually this is easy enough to fix by back-spacing over the numbers and re-scanning the barcode, though this is cumbersome. Does this sound like a Millennium problem, or maybe our scanners aren't reading at a fast enough rate?
Any help would be appreciated.

William Gray
Library Technical Assistant, Lending Services
Greenwich Library
101 West Putnam Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06830