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Discussions tagged Recorded Books

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ftp error when trying to send Recorded Books order to them using EDI ordering

We started having problems sending orders from Sierra to Recorded Books using EDI ordering on Feb 22. I sent one order and had no problems. A couple of hours later I tried sending another order. I clicked on the ftp all button and before I could choo...
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Recorded Books/OneClickDigital -- has anyone implemented the API with Sierra?

Is anyone working to implement an API from Sierra to Recorded Books? The vendor provides the following URL to their API resources for OneClickDigital: http://developer.oneclickdigital.us/ We'd also be interested in comparing notes with anyone who...
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Ordering from Recorded Books using Sierra and EDI

When Recorded Books switched over to their new website earlier this summer we discovered that we could set up EDI ordering and EDI invoicing with them. I have been trying to do that, but have a few stumbling blocks. Recorded Books set up templates fo...
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