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Issues after upgrading to Sierra 3.0

We are running into several issues since upgrading to Sierra 3.0 earlier this week. For one, we are unable to checkin serials (we get a "missing pair" verify error). Another is that Sierra Web is fairly unusable now - when trying to open a ...
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WAM entries for protocol relative urls

One of our client accessing our website through WAM proxy are not seeing hostnames being rewritten for certain links on the web page. It appears to only happen to links with target url as "protocol relative url"(with no schema mentioned in...
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Syndetics Unbound and LTFL cover widgets

Hi - Has anyone switched from Syndetics to Syndetics Unbound who also uses LibraryThing For Libraries Cover Widgets through ebrary? Do these products overlap? Thanks, Cindy Harper CHARPER@vts.edu...
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multiple bib locations and how to remove one?

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! One of our staff noticed with some bib records, there are TWO lines in the bib showing location. so, for example, when looking at the bib record, you'll see: MARC Leader #####pam 22##### a 4500 Location mn ,sc L...
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Removing 945s from marc records

Hi everyone! I'm attempting to remove multiple instances of 945s from our marc records in the catalog (Millennium), but global update keeps crashing on me; I suspect it may have to do with the number of instances in the list I created - but the list...
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Ecommerce and paypal updates to TLS

Hi everyone, I just received an email from our friends at Paypal saying that they will be updating the payflow gateway and will no longer support TLS 1.0 after June 30 of this year (2017). Has anyone else received this notice? A year or two ago,...
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Shrinking Encore Display

I just discovered an oddity that has me puzzled. In an Encore results list, the first 10 or so records seem to display at normal size (my browser zoom level is set at 100%), then the following records appear increasingly tiny as I scroll down the pag...
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Ourput Accounting API

Hi, We are trying to implement the above, using Sierra and Banner. Has anyone else done this successfully? If so, perhaps yo ucould share your experiences, as we are having issues with implementation. Regards, Eddie Alaszewski Higher Col...
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Acquisitions: EDI Quotes

Hello Acquisitions workflow question: Is anyone using EDI Quotes? A workflow has been proposed by one of our vendors (W F Howes). 1. We place an order through the vendor website 2. This sends a SAP quote to the vendor purchasing system 3. The ...
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Encore cover images after switch from Syndetics to Syndetics Unbound

After our recent change from Syndetics to Syndetics Unbound, my staff say they see fewer cover images for DVDs in the catalog (Encore), but the Syndetics rep says we have access to the same number of images. I think I have an explanation; does the fo...
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ftp error when trying to send Recorded Books order to them using EDI ordering

We started having problems sending orders from Sierra to Recorded Books using EDI ordering on Feb 22. I sent one order and had no problems. A couple of hours later I tried sending another order. I clicked on the ftp all button and before I could choo...
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Northwest Users Group Birds of a Feather at IUG

Hi, If you are attending the IUG Conference in April, we will have a Northwest Users Group meeting at 3pm on April 4th in room Azalea 1. Come meet other Northwest Users to discuss the next Northwest Users Group meeting plans in the fall. We are stil...
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Wam and Oxford journals new website

Hi all I have just been looking at the new Oxford UP site and I have noticed that although we have Wammed the landing page as soon as you click on a link to go to the issues, it strips out the wam rewrite. Although if I wam the issue and then clic...
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Making changes with Sierra APIs v.2.0

Hello Guys, I’m very excited about our next release of the Sierra REST API and thought I’d give you a sneak preview of what’s to come in version 2.0. Last year, we released the Sierra Bibliographic and Item APIs, also known as version 1.0. Thes...
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Sierra export for Intota

Hi, We are trying to export a mix of bib and item data from Sierra 2.2.0_6 for use in Intota Assessment to analyse our print collection. This is a total of around 150000 records, but the export does not finish. Has anyone else faced this issue ...
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My staging file is missing from Web Options

Hi Folks, I'm trying to test something in the staging environment. When I use the Select A File drop down in Web Options, I get 2 choices for staging systems, but neither of them is the website I get when I use the staging URL (my URL:2082). I k...
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New clearinghouse resources

Hi, The clearinghouse has two new resources in it: [email]joseph.montibello@dartmouth.edu[/email][/u] Joseph.Montibello@dartmouth.edu...
New Member

location code of "-"

In Millennium, we have a location code of "-"; no one here knows the history of the location code, and I'd like to remove it from the system. However, I wonder if it's used or set up via III during implementation - does anyone know and/or ...
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Error message during 'Output MARC records using FTP' process

Hi everyone, I'm working on exporting lots of records to OCLC and during one of my file process, I received an error in outputting some records - but I cannot figure out how to determine what the error was (which I suspect is data). Does anyone kno...
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Changing Summary View in Sierra Circulation

Hello, I have a Circulation staff member that would like to change the default of the summary view she is seeing and I can not figure out how to change it. When she searches in Circulation Search/Holds function, her summary view is defaulting to &qu...

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