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Discussions tagged Direct SQL Access

Junior Member

Search batch of isbn #'s via SQL

Hi all, I've just created a github repo with a small python script in it. In simple terms, it takes a file of ISBN's as input, and does SQL queries against the Sierra database, and returns a list of bib record numbers in an outputfile. That output...
New Member

Sync Invoices from Sierra to QuickBooks Online

I just finished the IUG2018 and had a great time. My director asked me to look into the topic above and since nothing came up at the sessions its time to tap the collective wisdom of the forum. So here goes... ...perhaps this is more a question ab...
Expert Member

Ideas for 2018 Hackathon

If you have an idea for hackathon 2018 please reply to this post with your idea. if you don't have an idea to share but saw an idea submitted by someone else that you like, please vote for it by clicking the Thumb up button. by next year we wil...
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