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Discussions tagged supportal

New Member

Can't log into Supportal or CSDirect

Hi All, Logging into Supportal just now suddenly produces a "CredentialDetailError" and CSDirect says 'Sorry, the email address and password combination is incorrect. Please try again.' Which it ain't. Anyone else having problems? ...
New Member

Searching across III documentation

III are doing a pretty good job of building up the information ( and searchability of it) in the Supportal - I often find great stuff in there now. CSDirect is still invaluable for various things, particularly the ability to search across the ...
Junior Member

OS patching / software-only sites

Hi, I thought it would be worth sharing that III has updated instructions for the process to shutdown and restart servers during OS patching - if you go to the Supportal and search "os patching" you'll find them. We had problems with ...
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