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Discussions tagged printers

Junior Member

Haunted printer? (cross-posted on Sierra listserv)

This problem is an isolated one and not sure where to start our network people or III. We have a specific staff computer/computer location (happened when it was Win 7 and now Win 10) that will randomly print receipts (date due slips specifically)...
Junior Member

Date Due: Stickers vs. Receipts

Hi all, We currently use date-due stickers, which are affixed to the back of each item that is checked out by patrons. These are a pain, as they usually fall off anyway, or, if they remain on the item, have to be removed by staff as part of the ch...
New Member

Label Printer setup

Hi all, We purchased a Bayscan TSC TTP-247 label printer to print monograph labels - via Millennium only (no Print Wizard, no Print Templates). I apparently erred when I thought this would be a simple set up. My setup to test printing monograph l...
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