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  1. Alison Pruntel
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Thursday, January 03 2019, 12:46 PM
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Happy 2019,

Apologies cross-posting this (going to several lists).

I am following up with folks who provided me info on circulating mobile hotspots. We received a grant (hooray!) and are going to roll out 20 Kajeet SmartSpot 900 hotspots in time for National Library Week (April 7-13, 2019).

I appreciate your earlier feedback (we will be following similar guidelines, like no book drops, checkout via adult card only, etc.).

As I’m finalizing things, am wondering the following:

1. Do you require library patrons to sign a loan agreement for the hotspot, and if so, would you mind sharing a copy?
2. Do you have/use any verbiage that says your library is not responsible for liability, damages, etc., from misuse of the device?
3. We plan on setting the filter on these devices to block pornography (just like our adult computers and public WiFi) and possibly data intensive sites (NetFlix, YouTube suck up the daily limit quickly). If you are doing any filtering, do you call that out anywhere, and/or is this covered under your Internet Use policy?

We use III Sierra, and I have most of the issues with fixed-length fields, locations, etc., figured out. My biggest hurdles (aside from the loan rule determiner table - ugh!) at this point are the aforementioned loan agreement (we only do something similar for ILLs) and any legalese approved by County Attorney, and having a public hearing (required) for the replacement cost (north of $100) and the overdue fines ($1/day vs. 15 cents/day). Many moving parts.



Alison Pruntel
Manager, Technology & Materials
Fauquier County Public Library
11 Winchester St.
Warrenton, VA 20186

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Mohamed Ragheb Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
First of all, congrats on the grant!

The first week we went live with this program all hotspots were checked out " 320 hotspots" , we added a page in our website with some info that might be useful.


We don't require patron to sign separate agreement for a Hotspot, we don't filter data on hotspots ( same as our public computers) , also we don't limit the usage as the hotspots we check out for customers have unlimited data plan.

Our Policies can be found here

To make it easier and cleaner for us, we end up creating a new Item Type for Hotspot and setup the loan rule accordingly.

best of luck!

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