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  1. Jeremy Goldstein
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Wednesday, November 07 2018, 07:13 AM
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Since the Always Open Space opened 347 ideas have been submitted. Given that number it's no surprise that some great ideas may have fallen through the cracks. Here are just a few of those, which are still in need of additional feedback from all of you:

Allow for rolling expiration date in patron record templates
Item Record - 'Last Updated' date not changed by YTDCIRC rollovers
Linked patrons- viewable in Encore
MARC format validity table should show bad MARC Tag/Field Group Tag combos
New Field - Authentication

These ideas need your votes and especially your comments. innovative's developers rely on the information left in the comments to refine each idea and to show how important the larger community considers each idea to be. Comments can also provide guidance on who Innovative may wish to reach out to for additional feedback as ideas are developed.

New to Idea Lab? Idea Lab is designed to allow you to submit, discuss, and vote on ideas to improve Sierra and Polaris. Anyone at any Innovative library may participate in Idea Lab. See in the information on how to create an Idea Lab account on our FAQ page: http://innovativeusers.org/index.php/system-enhancements/idea-lab-faq.html

Beth Juhl and Jeremy Goldstein
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators
Gwyneth Jelinek, Polaris Team Lead

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