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  1. Jeremy Goldstein
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Wednesday, October 10 2018, 07:09 AM
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The Undo Options Challenge may be over but don't forget the Always Open Space of the Idea Lab does indeed live up to its name and needs your participation. Your ideas matter to Innovative's developers and do influence their future product plan. Just look at some of these great ideas that came from the community and are now on the product plan for Sierra:

Allow for system wide customization of fonts and colors to assist those with low vision
Better Load Table Editing Platform
E-mail Due Slips Using Print Templates - Quickly & Easily!
Track system parameter changes

New to Idea Lab? Idea Lab is our IUG enhancements platform. Idea Lab is designed for users to submit, discuss, and vote on ideas to improve our existing systems and to drive development on new products and services. Anyone at any Innovative library may participate in Idea Lab – you do not need to be a site contact or system admin. To get started, sign up at https://idealab.iii.com/main/app/index.html#/login/register.

Beth Juhl and Jeremy Goldstein
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators
Gwyneth Jelinek, Polaris Team Lead

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