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  1. Justin Edgar
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Wednesday, July 12 2017, 02:53 PM
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I am trying to develop a workflow for managing missing items using the On Search file in Sierra. Is it possible in Global Update to do the following:
On the 'On Search' review file of item records
if ICODE1 = 2, then change STATUS to F and change ICODE1 to 3
if ICODE1 = 1 then change ICODE1 to 2
if ICODE1 = 0 then change ICODE1 to 1

I would like this as a single command in Global Update instead of having to create 4 separate review files.
Justin Edgar
UC Hastings College of the Law

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Barb Jarvis Accepted Answer
Hi, Justin!

As far as I know, there is no way to set conditionals in Global Update, but you can simulate this by selecting only a part of your file for each update. You will have to run 3 iterations of Global Update, but if you’re careful, you can use a single review file. Note: You must process them in “descending ICODE1” order or you will be merging old ICODE1=1 records with new ICODE1=1 records.

Create the 4 commands and store them using Save (Local) or Save (Server). When it’s time to run this, process the records in this order:
1. In Tab 1. Select Records, Tools… Toggle… Fixed-Length Fields… ICODE1
2. Select only records having ICODE1 = 2, then Preview and Process. This should effect 2 changes to each Item record: One for ICODE1 (to 3) and one for Item Status.
3. After processing, go to Tab 2. Command input and delete command #4. (It is still in your saved commands as long as you do not save over the originals.)
4. Return to Tab 1. Select Records, and Search by ICODE1 again.
5. Select only records having ICODE1 = 1, then Preview and Process.
6. Return to Tab 1. Select Records, and Search by ICODE1 again.
7. Select only records having ICODE1 = 0, then Preview and Process.

To be extra careful, you might wish to remove the changed records from your file after each GU Process step. Until you are comfortable with this procedure, I recommend downloading all of the Item Record Numbers and original ICODE1 values before starting. Then you could put things back if you had to.

Good luck!
-Barb Jarvis
Library Systems Administrator
Cook Memorial Public Library District
Libertyville, IL

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