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  1. Mark Strang
  2. IUG Announcement
  3. Thursday, December 20 2018, 02:49 PM
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I have news everyone! As the Chair of the IUG 2018-2019 Nominations Committee, it is my pleasure to announce the new IUG Steering Committee members for the 2019-2020 year:

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Rhonda Glazier, Kraemer Family Library, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Secretary/Treasurer: Beth Juhl, University of Arkansas Libraries
Member-at-Large: Derek Brown, Rochester Hills Public Library
Member-at-Large: Maisam Nouh,The Ferguson Library

What a great team we've elected! Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the new IUG Steering Committee members.

Visit the Committees and Elections Page on the IUG website to learn more about them:

I would also like to thank all the IUG members who agreed to stand for election! We are so fortunate to have so many members willing to give back to IUG, to devote time, energy and expertise in order to make IUG such an outstanding organization! Thank you ALL!

Thanks to those who took the time and effort to vote in this election! As site members of IUG, it is your right and privilege to have a say in the development of the IUG Steering Committee! Thank YOU!

IUG 2018-2019 Nominations Committee
Mark Strang (Committee Chair)
Kathy Setter
Sukrit Goswami

Mark Strang
IUG Past Chair 2018-2019

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