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Information requested on Cloud-hosted Sierra

We are presently a turnkey Sierra shop investigating migrating to Cloud-hosted Sierra in response to III's recent promotion. Would anyone representing and institution that has undergone the move to Cloud-hosted Sierra be willing to share information ...
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Wam and Atypon Literatum

HI all We are experiencing issues with Wam and publishers hosted on Atypon Literatum. Wiley Online library moved to https at the weekend, other publishers at different times, but we are now getting 502 proxy errors with Taylor and Francis, Sage, E...
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suppression codes not working - known issue

Hi all, I'm curious as to how many libraries are affected by this known issue in Sierra 3.4: Suppression not working after Sierra 3.4 upgrade Ddescription: Materials suppressed since 3.4 upgrade are not suppressed. Some previously suppressed ...
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Self-Check Machine Recommendation

I'm looking for some advice on a self-checkout machine for Sierra. This is for one of our libraries with about 10,000 patrons. I'm looking for a make/model that is cost-effective while providing reasonable functionality - check-in/check-out/view ...
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Please help the IUG Steering Committee

The IUG Steering Committee is asking for your help in planning future IUG conferences. Please take a few minutes to answer these 4 questions to help us make future IUG conferences what you need and want them to be. Click here for the survey: https://...
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Exciting IUG 2018 News and Deadlines everyone needs to know!

Hi All: 1) The Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld just extended the discounted hotel rate of $194/night (excluding tax) through Monday, March 26. (11:59 PM EDT) So let’s get our conference room now, or perhaps extend your trip for some vacatio...
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ILL and Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS)

Has anyone who uses the Ebsco Discovery Service put a link to the Sierra ILL form in EDS? If so, how well does it work and how does one put in the link? Thank you in advance. Doug dougk@athabascau.ca...
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IUG 2018 special rate for the Renaissance Orlando Hotel is closing 3/20/18

Hi All: I wanted to share that the IUG 2018 Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld discounted hotel rate of $194/night is only available until midnight Eastern Time Zone through Tuesday night, March 20. There may be a couple of nights left after midnight...
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WILIUG Online Advanced Create List Workshop

Online Advanced Create Lists Workshop WILIUG is pleased to offer an online workshop presented by Innovative: Advanced Create Lists in Sierra/Millennium Friday, April 6th, 2018 from 1:30-3:30 PM CST. As a benefit of WILIUG membership, the ...
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2018 WILIUG Birds of a Feather Lunch

WILIUG Birds of a Feather Lunch When Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 Noon to 1:15 pm Where Tradewinds Restaurant Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® - the conference hotel Cost About $17-$20 per person. Buffet. Gluten-free and vegetarian offerin...
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Epson TM -T88V receipt printers and print template hold slips

Hi All, We have many  Epson TM -T88V receipt printers which  print non-template date due slips and template hold slips with no problem  from Sierra 3.1.On two PC's however the printers print garbage instead of hold slips. The login parameters all lo...
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Feedback about the IUG Forum?

I just closed an old discussion about the IUG Forum so I'm opening this new one. Everyone's comments have been very useful, and we've tried to address them as much as possible. What comments do you have about the forum? What things do you like, an...
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ABCMouse Help

Hi We are implementing the ABCMouse product and would like to ask a few questions of someone who has already gone through the process of setting up the SIP connection with III. Thanks! Steve Moody Livermore Public Library srmoody@livermo...
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Meaning of exported parameters for HOLD

When I export holds, the following info is exported: P#=1143000, I#=1028946, P=11-15-17, NNB=11-15-17 (0 days), RLA=0, NNA=01-17-38, ST=105, TP=i, PU=sstax Can someone help translate RLA, ST and TP, in particular? I don't know what all the par...
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OKI Microline 320 Printer and Windows 10

Hello, since updating our PCs to Windows 10 recently, we are unable to print from Sierra to the OKI Microline 320 Turbo 9 Pin Dot Matrix printer, which we use for continuous feed spine labels. We can print to the Microline from Notepad, etc. but not...
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Email thresholds - Spectrum

We've had a problem for years with Time Warner, now Spectrum, where patrons with RoadRunner email accounts don't receive their hold or overdue notices because we've exceeded a threshold of emails/hour. The Spectrum website doesn't say what that thres...
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Idea Lab "Always Open Space" now...Open!

The Idea Lab piece you've all been waiting for, the Always Open Space, is a place to put your enhancement ideas - and it's available now! https://idealab.iii.com/alwaysopen/Page/Home A few things to remember: - The first time you go into the P...
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Importing invoices

Hello, When importing an invoice from a vendor to Sierra, is there a way to avoid having the processing charges included in the net price? Thank you, Connie Connie Johnson Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library conniej@evpl.org...
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Films on Demand and WAM proxy and viewing videos

We are unable to see the videos when accessing Films on Demand. As well, it doesn't seem to work with the WAM)SSL setup. I have created a URL with dashes between the appropriate parts. I can get to the site, but the videos themselves do not di...
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Job Posting for Moreno Valley College

Moreno Valley College Technical Services & Digital Asset Librarian/ Assistant Professor(Extended) Deadline to Apply: 4/6/2018 https://pa379.peopleadmin.com/applicants/Central?quickFind=57562 ...

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