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text-based inventory alternatives other than Circa?

We are Sierra 2.4.0_5 on a hosted server at III. To whomever might have a suggestion: We have been a long-time user of putty to telnet into our server (now hosted), and Serv-U to allow the server to pull inventory files of barcodes from a staff...
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Printing receipts in Sierra Web

I have been testing Sierra web for printing to an epson receipt printer with no luck. Can anyone offer advice? The manual states : "Sierra Web supports similar printing options to those in the Sierra Desktop Application. The major difference is...
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SQL for multiple MARC fields (varfield)?

A colleague and I are trying to create a query for 2 or more different MARC fields in bib records from varfield_view. For example, we might want the 001, 245 (as opposed to the 'best title'), 086, and 260/264. The sticking point is defining the...
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Millennium & Mac High Sierra, extreme lag

We have few Millennium Mac users, but one user upgraded to High Sierra this week with disastrous results. Logging onto Millennium, it now takes 10-20 seconds for the system to receive/render input characters. We are exploring using an installed vir...
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Beacon Award Nominations deadline soon

You have just over a week to nominate someone for the IUG Beacon Award. It is given to honor an IUG member who shows exceptional service to the IUG community through presentations, collaborations, sage advice to others and selfless dedication to libr...
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Replying to the IUG Forum via Email

It's hard to remember to do because we've all used listservs for years, but if you reply to the forum via email, it's a good idea to either delete the quoted message below the message you write, or type "end reply" (no quotes necessary) at ...
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SQL Help with Fine History

Hi - We want to run some stats on fine history, but I'm having difficulty finding this data in the SQL database. The fines table contains current unpaid patron fines and fines_paid contains globally purged fines. I can't seem to find the fine his...
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Looking for IUG Orlando Registration Desk Volunteers!

Are you attending the IUG conference this year? Do you want a chance to help make the conference a success? Do you like to meet new people? Are you willing to volunteer a few hours of your time? I need volunteers to help greet conference attendee...
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Early Bird Registration for IUG 2018 ends today Thursday 2/15/18!

Hi Everyone: Early Bird Registration for IUG 2018 ends today Thursday 2/15/18! Today is your last chance to lock in the best rate for our annual conference! We are so glad to see the excitement building for IUG 2018 in Orlando, Florida! The P...
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Order records not linking to existing bib/item records.

Dear IUG colleagues, We have a problem that I was wondering if you can be of help to us in finding a solution for it. When we order materials that we already have item records for, Sierra displays the order record as a separate record. T...
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IUG 2018 Early Bird Registration ends Thursday - 2/15/18

Hi Everyone: Early Bird Registration for IUG 2018 ends Thursday 2/15/18. So lock in now to secure the best rate for our annual conference! We are so glad to see the excitement building for IUG 2018 in Orlando, Florida! The Program Committee is...
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Printing Labels in Sierra

Hi, We're migrating from Sirsi to Sierra and having problems printing spine labels. We use a Zebra GX430t and Computype labels 1005543-1. We use a spine label and book pocket label. 1. Tried the print templates in Admin (those are Gaylord) and Ja...
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Job Announcement: Library Systems Administrator at Milwaukee County Federated Library System

The Milwaukee County Federated Library System (MCFLS) seeks a talented and energetic Library Systems Administrator with a proven record of expertise to oversee the operation and management of the MCFLS Innovative Sierra integrated library system and ...
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REVISED POSITION & DEADLINE: Valparaiso University, IN: Director of Metadata Services

*Apologies for cross-posting* We have revised our previously posted position to welcome librarians with less academic faculty experience to allow for an Assistant Professor level appointment while keeping our focus on department supervision and ca...
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Server replacement options

We got our Sierra and Encore servers about three and a half years ago (they're all in our building; after three years we got third-party hardware maintenance contracts on them). I need to start planning for what comes next. I'm wondering how much...
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Limit / sort broken

Hi, We're on Sierra 3.3 and use webpac. We've had an issue that we've known about since we went to 3.2 back in the summer, where doing an index browse (title, author, subject) and then trying to use the "Limit/Sort" page doesn't work. Wh...
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Create Lists : advice needed for Boolean search for items attached to bibs

Hi All, I have a good old-fashioned list question. I want to find bibs which have attached items with location mbe and tot checkouts = 0 and also have attached items with location mbe and tot checkouts 1+. I tried grouping these to force the...
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External Patron Images query

Apologies for the cross-posting. We have been using External Patron Images for some time. This semester, I've noticed that when a patron opens their account in the WebOpac, some of the images are HUGE and have a white vertical line somewhere (n...
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Label Printer suggestions

Hi IUGers! We are still using Okidata 321 dot matrix printers for monograph and serial printing. They have been true workhorses but they are starting to break down. I found a repair manual online and have been able to fix them so far but it's ti...
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Lightning Rounds - Last Minute Change

Hello Everyone, [b]There has been a last minute change in the Lightning Rounds' lineup so if you are still interested in presenting you still have time![/b] Do you have a library topic or idea that you are passionate about and you only need 5-10 ...

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